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Emergency Plumbing
Plumbing issues never wait to strike when it’s convenient. That’s why MotorCity Plumbing is available 24/7 for emergency repairs.

Metro Detroit’s Emergency Plumbing Service

Certain situations can’t wait for business hours. When you come home to a flooded basement after a late night shift or your toilet overflows during a holiday gathering, you need an experienced emergency plumber right away. You can always rely on MotorCity Plumbing to answer your call, any time of day or night, 365 days a year in Detroit, MI and nearby cities.

We’re well-equipped to handle any kind of emergency plumbing services with urgency and respect. You can rest assured that with our licensed and insured, worry-free plumbing repairs, we’ll get your problem solved as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Whether your plumbing emergencies involve your drains, sewer, pipes, or water heater, our emergency plumbers will be there promptly.

Emergency Plumber & Plumbing Repairs

Here at MotorCity Plumbing and Drains, we provide a full range of emergency services to all plumbing issues including your water heater repair, broken pipes, toilets, faucet repair, or a drain leak 24 hours a day. If you have a residential emergency service and need a fix in a short time and you are located in Detroit, MI. We are here to help in all emergency situations with our 24 hour plumbing expertise.

Most Common Plumbing Emergencies

At MotorCity Plumbing, we’ve handled just about any kind of plumbing emergency you can imagine. If you’re experiencing any of the following plumbing emergencies, call us immediately!

Emergency Plumbing Company Detroit Michigan
  • Serious leaks, including pooling, gushing, or steadily dripping water
  • Burst pipes
  • Low or no water pressure
  • Overflowing toilet
  • Raw sewage filling up tubs and sinks
  • No hot water
  • The Smell of sulfur or rotten eggs in pipes or near gas lines
  • Bubbling, dripping, clanking, or gurgling sounds in the water heater
  • Brown, rusty, or otherwise discolored water

What to Do If You Have a Plumbing Emergency

Turn OFF Your Water Supply

Find your water main shutoff valve and turn it off. It may be located in your utility areas, basement, an exterior wall, or buried near the street.

Call MotorCity Plumbing Services

The sooner you can get a certified, professional plumber into your home to take control of the situation, the better.

Don’t Panic

Help is on the way. In the meantime, focus on moving any valuables or furniture out of the way, taking pictures of the problem, and prioritizing your safety.

Emergency Plumbing FAQs

How Do You Know If Your Pipes Burst?
There are several warning signs of a burst pipe, including: a sudden drop in water pressure, water stains on walls or ceiling, standing water anywhere in your home, discolored or smelly water, strange sounds when you turn your taps, soft patches or puddles in your yard. If you suspect a burst pipe in your home, call us right away at (313) 608-4168
Why is My Toilet Overflowing?
Three things typically cause toilets to overflow: (1) A clogged or blocked drain, (2) A blocked vent pipe, or (3) A filler float that is set too high. If your toilet is overflowing, you can shut off the water supply by turning the football-shaped knob next to the toilet. Then, you can try to see if a clog is causing the issue by using a plunger. If you can’t stop the toilet from overflowing or clear the clog on your own, call MotorCity Plumbing at (313) 608-4168
How Can I Winterize My Pipes?
Start by shutting off the main water valve and turning off the water pump and water heater. Next, open all drain valves and taps. From there, use air compressors to blow excess water out of your pipes. Finally, open the drain valve in your hot water tank and allow it to discharge until empty. If this sounds like a lot of work or you aren’t’ confident, allow our team to winterize your pipes for you.
What Does it Mean if I Have No Water at All?
You are most likely experiencing a broken water line. The culprit is probably a pipe that’s been compromised by a tree root, which is causing it to leak and collapse. If your water lines have been damaged, you could be without running water in much or all of your home.

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We’ll always be there to answer your call. You can count on us to get to the root of your plumbing problem.

Get in touch. Call us today at (313) 608-4168 or send us a message.