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Sewer Line Repairs
MotorCity Plumbing is here to tackle Metro Detroit’s most complex sewer line problems. Whether you need to identify an issue, repair a line, or prevent backflow, call us today.

Sewer Line Repair Detroit

Sewer clogs can cause extensive damage to your home, especially if sewage begins backing up into toilets, sinks, and drains. If sewage is coming from your drain line, you may have a sewer system issue. At MotorCity Plumbing, we use advanced camera technology to locate your sewer line, so we won’t have to dig up your yard to locate the issue. Then, we can perform quick and efficient spot repairs so you won’t have to worry about another break in that area again.

Afterward, we’ll assess the health of the entire line to ensure that you get the thorough repairs you need. In some situations, a full sewer line replacement can be the best way to prevent problems from happening in the long term. Whether you need a fast repair for an emergency issue or a replacement after too many breaks in a sewer line, MotorCity Plumbing has your back.

Our high-resolution sewer camera inspection equipment and our homegrown knowledge of Metro Detroit’s sewer systems help us provide customized, effective solutions for your needs.

Backflow Prevention in Metro Detroit

Sewer Line Repair & Replacement Detroit Michigan

During heavy rains or sudden downpours, many of Metro Detroit’s sewer systems become overloaded, causing sewage to flood into your basement. That’s why so many homeowners in the area are choosing to install backflow prevention devices. Backflow preventers are valves that install on your sewer line to keep this disastrous issue from happening to you.

The National Plumbing Code has begun requiring backflow prevention systems in newer homes, but many systems in Metro Detroit need to have them retrofitted to their sewer line. If your home has a basement, or if the ground floor is less than a foot above street level, call MotorCity Plumbing to safeguard your home against sewer backup today!

What to Do If Your Sewer Line Backs Up

Watch for Early Signs

Slow drainage, backup of water or waste when flushing the toilet, or the smell of sulfur or rotten eggs are early warning signs of sewer line issues.

Call MotorCity Plumbing

If sewage backs up through your drains, call an emergency plumber immediately!

Leave the Area

Avoid any and all exposure to sewage. Don’t flush toilets, use sinks, take showers, or do laundry until repairs are complete.

Sewer Line Repair FAQs

What Causes a Sewer Line to Break?
Many homes in Metro Detroit experience sewer line issues due to tree roots, blockages, corrosion, and even changing temperatures. Homes with pipes over 50 years old, cast iron pipes, or clay pipes are especially prone to damaging breaks and leaks. Our technology and know-how help us determine the exact cause of your issues and develop a solution that will work in the long term.
When Should I Replace the Sewer Line?
The material your pipes are made of can affect their lifespan and help us determine whether a full replacement is necessary. If you experience frequent sewer problems, replacing the line could be the most cost-effective solution. In general, sewer pipes last:  
  • 50-60 years for clay pipes
  • 75-100 years for cast iron pipes
  • Over 100 years for PVC pipes
If your sewer line is made of any other type of material, such as galvanized steel, it should be replaced immediately to avoid health hazards.
Can Rid-X Be Used in City Sewer Lines?
Rid-X is made for septic systems, which are maintained by individuals. If your home is connected to the city sewer system, you shouldn’t need to use Rid-X. This enzyme does its job well in septic tanks, but can contaminate city sewer systems. To remove clogs, blockages, and debris from your sewer system, call the professionals at MotorCity Plumbing instead!

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